It is thanks to the meeting with Raymond ALESSANDRINI pianist and type-setter, that this recording could take place.

Raymond Alessandrini signed all arrangements of the most famous topics suggested in this CD All his talent was to find sonority, the accents and the colors of the original versions with only 7 musicians, asking them an overflowing energy and for a deep sensitivity to make revive and radiate these marvellous musics.


Raymond ALESSANDRINI : Author of all arrangements and pianist of the unit.

Pianist concert performer, pianist of studio, type-setter for the cinema and the theatre, arranger, head of orchestra, it makes its first cinematographic experiment with Jean Yanne for " Chobizenesse " and later for " Two Hours minus the quarter before Jesus-Christ "

Thanks to the meeting and to the support of George Delerue for whom it records as a pianist, it can since 1982 be devoted more seriously to the cinema and thus collaborate with the French cineclub by composing the music of several silent films of which a " un chapeau de paille d'Italie" of Rene Clair that it directs regularly into live during projections organized a little everywhere in the world.

The principal scenario writers with whom R. Alessandrini worked are: Jean Yanne, Jean-Charles Tacchella, George Lautner, Henri Colpi, Tony Gatlif, Peter Deffell, Magalie Clement.

But the cinema is not its only activity since which it played two pianos with Emile Naoumof and regularly accompanies in recital the singer Francoise Pollet.

It is by friendship for Jean-Yves Fourmeau that it decides to adapt and arrange all the music of " West Side Story " like several famous credits.


  Alain BEGHIN: Percussionnist

Prize winner of the foundation Yehudi Menuhin, Alain Beghin occurred in all the French full orchestras in particular the orchestra of the Opera of Paris and the Inter Contemporain orchestra under the direction of Sejii Ozawa and Pierre Boulez.

Musician very eclectic Alain Beghin took part in the recording of discs of varieties with Jean Guidoni and Frederic François and of many film musics.


  Roger FUGEN: Battery

Roger Fugen takes part in many recordings and emissions of television. He plays in largest variety like the Lido, the moulin-Rouge, Olympia....  

He accompanies the largest stars Ray Charles, Michel Legrand, Swingle sisters, Enrico Macias, Harry Belafonte ...




MISSION IMPOSSIBLE                                                                Lalo SCHIFRIN

LA PANTHERE ROSE                                                                   Henri MANCINI

MANNIX                                                                                             Lalo SCHIFRIN

PETER GUN THEME (du film: The Blues Brothers)                        Henri MANCINI

JAMES BOND (Dr No Thème)                                                           Monty NORMAN

CHAPEAU MELON BOTTES DE CUIR (The Evenger)               Laurie JOHNSON

BUCH CASSIDY THE KID                                                            Burt BACHARACH

AMARCORD                                                                                    Nino ROTA


8 1/2

TROIS PET'ITES NOTES DE MUSIOUE                       Georges DELERUE

TRAVELLING AVANT                                                       Raymond ALESSANDRINI

LE CHATEAU DE MA MÈRE                                           Vladimir COSMA

CYRANO DE BERGERAC                                                 Jean-Claude PETIT

UN ETE 42                                                                              Michel LEGRAND

LAWRENCE D'ARABIE                                                      Maurice JARRE

WEST SIDE STORY                                                             Léonard BERNSTEIN

- Tonight

- Dance at the Gym

(Blues, Marche, Mambo, Chacha, Jump)

- America